Corinthia Hotels, the internationally renowned collection of luxury hotels, has launched a range of new healthy eating options for MICE planners and their business travellers, aimed at keeping them physically healthy and mentally focused, developed in collaboration with a leading Nutritional Therapist, Jeannette Hyde (pictured above). Online information on

‘Food for Thought’ Menus: are Corinthia’s new menus for the Meetings and MICE market offering balanced and healthy food and drink ideas that aim to keep the brain sharp.  The menus have been designed by expert nutritionist Jeannette Hyde, who is a degree-qualified Nutritional Therapist trained in Functional Medicine: a patient-centered style of therapy focusing on root causes rather than symptoms.  Each of the nine Corinthia hotels around the world offers their own unique Food for Thought menu based on fresh and (in many cases) local ingredients.

Food for Thought concept:  it’s often all too easy for those working in the meetings sector to choose foods and drinks for short-term bouts of energy and concentration – e.g. biscuits, cakes, white bread sandwiches, pastries, fruit juices, coffees and fizzy drinks.  The constant highs and lows in energy to the brain and concentration throughout the day can also have bigger consequences for frequent travellers who might be living this lifestyle day in day out.

Constant dips in sugar in the blood stream can lead to ‘adrenal fatigue’ where the adrenal glands that produce stress hormones become overworked. This can lead to the body becoming low in key nutrients for the brain (e.g. good omega 3 fats, B vitamins, magnesium and the right proteins, to name a few) as the body prioritises use of these for the more pressing manufacture of stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, from the adrenal glands.
In view of the above, the new menus have been designed to help create steady energy for the body for meetings attendees.  This means using protein, whole grains and a rainbow of vegetables with each meal, and also the right fats. The foods will also contain nutrients for the brain that can otherwise become depleted when executives are regularly experiencing low blood sugar levels.  Gluten from foods such as wheat, rye and spelt, has also been removed, as some people experience mood swings with sensitivity to too much gluten.

“By working alongside a nutritional expert we bring a new dynamic not only to our MICE offering but to all our MICE guests as ‘individuals’ who place health at the top of the agenda in life,” said Carey Duckworth, Director of Global Corporate & MICE Sales, Corinthia Hotels. “We know that if we feel great we will perform much better.  A healthy diet is one of the cornerstones to getting the most out of our days – whether on business or leisure.”

How the menus were developed: Corinthia’s skilful and creative chefs took the nutritional principles and then transformed them into exciting and delicious Food for Thought menus.    They also kept each hotel destination in mind and used locally-produced and sourced foods where possible to meet the nutritional needs of meetings guests.

Quality protein, especially wild meats, fish and oily fish, are a staple of Food for Thought and chefs celebrated these based on local sourcing wherever possible. For example, at the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon, which has great access to wild meats and is famed for its fish and Mediterranean diet, the menu incorporates grilled rabbit, mackerel, salmon, a rainbow of fresh vegetables and fruits, and olive oil.

In Malta, the two chefs use guinea fowl, rabbit, oily fish and nutrient-dense vegetables such as sprouting broccoli. They have also embraced nutrient powerhouse grains such as buckwheat, black rice, amaranth, and brown rice.

Corinthia Hotels also offers a dedicated ‘Events at Corinthia’ programme, which makes nine distinct promises.  This is designed specifically to meet the growing demand for meetings that provide a unique but professional experience.  The nine promises comprise: –

• Enquiries are replied to within three hours, and a proposal is ready within 24 hours
• Dedicated, highly trained event assistant for round-the-clock exclusive support
• Customised web page for the event on
• Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout all Corinthia Hotels
• Cellular phone with pre-programmed local contacts and credit given to event organiser
• Fully prepared event room at least 60 minutes before requested
• Upgraded organiser suite completely free of charge
• Food for Thought menus offering healthy eating choices
• Dedicated Meetings app

The nine individually-designed, distinctive hotels are excellently located in the hearts of some of the most thriving cities in the world – including in London, Lisbon, Budapest, Prague and St Petersburg.  They are fully equipped with luxurious spas, modern gyms, award-winning restaurants and destination bars – the perfect conditions to make meetings that are truly ‘worth staying for’.